Money in politics will be illegal. Your representative will no longer be influenced by special interest groups.

EVERYONE would have great healthcare. If you get sick, you go to the Doctor. No more expensive monthly insurance bills. 

Air and water pollution would be so much less every year. Air quality would improve in every city. Breathing becomes easy again. Asthma declines. 

The Government will stay out of your personal life. Less Government telling Americans what to do.

College would be free for any American who wanted to go for a higher education. Our education systems would be well funded and would become the best in the world.

Every working American would have a livable wage. You will never again work a full time job and live in poverty.

America would no longer use the energy of the past. We will be energy independent forever by using the energy of the future. 

Great technology, Inventions and Innovation from our Universities and corporations would increase.

Taxes on multi-Billionaires would go up. Taxes on everybody else would go down.

Banks will never again screw the nation.

Every American would have fast internet access if they desired it, regardless of where they lived.

We would not be the world’s police. 

We would make laws apply to all Americans equally regardless of race, gender, political or economic status.

No one would be above the law…not even the President.

Everyone would have the right to own firearms. EVERYONE! Along with common sense gun laws in place.

The 2-party system would be a thing of the past. It’s no longer just Democrats vs. Republicans. Fairness Election Act would be in place.

All military veterans would be provided jobs, free education, a highly effective VA and no vet would ever be homeless.