The Return of the Progressives

Using melody to protest

The Revolution Choir is an energized group of men and women based out of Portland, Oregon singing original compositions about social justice.
Each song has an important message within…issues that are important to us. We are able to protest using melody and activism through harmony. 

The Revolution Choir supports and encourages progressive values.

Humans are progressive by nature. Our minds are hardwired to always want progress. Most of us don’t want to live the lifestyle from the 1850’s or 1950’s anymore. We have Progressed!!…in science, technology, energy, economic and social developments.
Being progressives doesn’t mean you are affiliated with a political party. Progressives are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarian and Green party…progressives are everybody and anybody.

Entertainment can help to draw awereness and bring attention to an issue or a candidate.

When speaking at events, most political candidates are “preaching to the choir”.  Music is a great tool that connects everyone regardless of political party. Music is the best way to expand past your bubble and reach new ears outside of your circle.
The Revolution Choir is in a unique position to sing about values that you are fighting for and to help generate an entirely new group of people who otherwise would not of taken notice. 

Contact us to have us perform for your event or rally.


Kevin Levy Revolution Choir
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