The Revolution Choir Members

The Revolution Choir

Kevin Levy – Songwriter/Guitar/Tenor/Arranger

Ross Gulko – Piano

Mikaela Bailey – Cajon

Jeffrey Kauffman – Arranger on: Love Conquers Hate, Equal Pay for Equal Work, Climate Change, Greedy Politicians, Overworked & Underpaid

Jonathan Gibson – Arranger on: Gerrymandering, Crenshaw, Universal Health Care

Sopranos: Karma Maymi, Holly Bentley, Wren Shiffler, Christina Taft

Altos: Mikaela Bailey, Monica Belzer, Stacey Marshall, Canada Taylor, Janet Strong

Tenors : Benjamin Cutler, Ian Upenon

Baritone/Bass: Allan Rudwick, Ragon Linde, Daniel Singer

Sound Recording: Jeremy Sandi. Daniel Miller on Climate Change and Mom and Pop Shop

Videos: Hale Mednick on Gerrymandering and Equal Pay.

Poster art by: Geahk Burchill
“This art side-steps race, national origin, gender-identity, ethnicity and other things very specific. It creates a broad character that anyone can identify with. It allows the viewer to pick a spirit-animal and enter the image. None of these are individual people. These each are avatars for the person who wants to imagine themselves participating in the movement. These characters are everybody and anybody.” -GB