If your Senator doesn’t believe in climate change – Ahhh

Cause he’s a corrupt politician… bought out by the oil industry.

If your Governor doesn’t believe in climate change – Ahhh

It’s because he owns HUGE amounts of stock in…oil and gas and coal and fracking.

If our President doesn’t believe in climate change – Ahhh

Then it could only mean one thing.


If your Senator doesn’t believe in climate change –

Its because his education….is limited to simple politics.

If your congressmen doesn’t believe in climate change –

They just lie…. they just blatantly lie about –

Science and facts for total greed.

If our President doesn’t believe in climate change

Then it could only mean one thing.


“I’m the oil industry and I control congress, if clean air laws happen I will lose my profits.

So I give millions to the GOP to protect me, the destruction of earth is not a concern to me.”

“I’m a politician bought out by dirty oil, if I accept climate change they’ll stop giving me money.

Of course I’ll deny it with sincerity, I’m feeling kinda slimy but the oil industry loves me.”


Written by Kevin Levy in protest to the oil industry being allowed to influence environmental laws.

Protected under copyright law.

© 2017 – Kevin Levy – All Rights reserved.

Arranged by Jeffrey Kauffman

Video by Josh Rivera


How this song came about.

While living in California, I had the pleasure of was working at NASA and The Griffith Observatory educating the public about science and astronomy. I was able to speak directly with JPL scientists and asking specific questions regarding our environment and climate change facts and getting evidence based, peer reviewed responses. Then I’m hearing opposite views from clearly influenced politicians who are climate change deniers and who ALSO happen to be accepting huge sums of money from the oil industry. With that knowledge imbedded, the second song from The Revolution Choir was born in protest of shady politicians accepting bribe money from the oil industry and also always voting in their favor of the oil industry regardless what the public wants. The next song, Climate Change was born to bluntly call out the problem. 


Getting money out of politics and NOT allowing the oil industry to buy it’s way into our political system and help to write the EPA laws is THE VERY FIRST STEP to end climate change. That IS the start of the solution!!

Because money is allowed in politics, no matter how much you write to your congressmen/women, call their offices, email, protest or shout, it will always fall on deaf ears. Why? The dirty oil, gas, coal and fracking industries have massive influence on the Republican party on this subject. They control the laws and policy makings from a majority of congress within Republican Party and will always force them to deny climate change and vote in favor of less regulations or they will no longer pump billions into their political party. Fact. 

When laws are created to prevent climate change then the dirty oil industry, gas, coal and fracking will lose billions in profits. So these industries spend millions in our political system to buy out and control certain politicians or a political party to make sure they will always vote in these industries best interest.

We understand that there are other factors that cause climate change. America understands that dirty oil, coal and other dirty energy is not the sole contributor of climate change. But dirty oil and coal are major contributor of spewing pollutants into our clean breathable air, and more importantly, those industries show total disregard by constantly putting profits before the planet. If you deny science and facts from veteran scientists in this field then you have been manipulated by those with an agenda. Man-made Climate Change is a fact.

Talking to a politician about science is like talking to a robot about love, you can program it what to say but it still doesn’t know what the hell it’s really talking about.

In conclusion, the next time any politician gets on TV or in front of a mic and denies Climate Change, or they may acknowledge it but not take forceful and powerful action to help prevent it, the only thing that should be going through your mind is…“there goes another corrupt politician who has been bought out and controlled by the dirty oil industry.”

And from now on, we should only call Fossil Fuel DIRTY OIL. Dirty oil helps to cause more respiratory deaths than car accidents, murders and wars combined.