Support your local business – Support your local business.

Throwing down some love for the locally owned
Spiderweb your economy and keep it home grown
And not the mega chains
From New York to LA.
My neighbor got a grant, Opportunity.
Emerging small business is community.
Who’s your local boutique?
Craftsman or coffee-shop.

Support your local business –

My local farmer friend grew some sugar snap peas.
It fed his whole family plus the city.
And then came a business man,
(Corporate voices ) 
I’ll build a shopping mall with the 10 biggest stores.
And wipe you all out and push you out the door.
(Neighbors speaking)
Whatcha got so bring it on, our local stores are staying strong.
Whatcha got so bring it on, our local stores are staying strong.

Support your local business – MOM AND POP SHOPS x 8

This song protected under Copyright Law
© 2017 – Kevin Levy – All Rights reserved


Here’s an economic jump-start keep the money flowing within your local community. Purchase more often from locally owned shops and not just the national mega-chains. Support those local mom-n-pop shops that only your state has and nowhere else. Next time you need a burger, skip McDonald’s and go to your local burger or sandwich shop. Need clothing, gifts or knick-knacks? Forget Target, Costco and skip Walmart…head to your neighbor-owned clothing boutique gift-shop. Food, toys, furniture, tools… if your community doesn’t have it, get an Emerging Small Business grant and start up your own…. your neighbors will support you 🙂

Concerned about higher prices or smaller inventory? When you more often support local, those business’s will then have the resources to invest in a larger selection and possibly even lower their prices because of higher sales volume. It’s a win-win by supporting local.

Purchasing something from a Mega-Chain often means (after paying the employees) your hard earned dollars flow out of your city and out of your state and into the pockets of millionaires far and away, often in different countries.

Supporting local a business is supporting the economy within your community as a whole. Your Mom & Pop shops will more often purchases their inventory locally causing a spiderweb effect of money constantly flowing back and remaining within your community instead of bleeding it out of state.
We understand that national chains are very important as an anchor-store and can also be franchised owned and locals work them too. By no means are we suggesting to abandon them…but instead, be more aware of those shops with cool names that are only located within your state….and purchase there next.

Shhh! Here’s a secret lil video recording of us rehearsing this song and getting ready to record for the final version:
Mom and Pop Shop rehearsal