Love Conquers Hate

Don’t you know that Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter.Yes they do.
We’ve got your back. L-G-B-T. L-G-B-T. L-G-B-T. We’ve got your back.
My sweet friend, Latinos are Lovely. Latinas are Lovely. Latinos are Lovely. Yes they are.
Dear Refugees, You’re peaceful people. You’re peaceful people. You’re peaceful people. Dear Refugees.

Love conquers hate, conquers hate, conquers hate, it always does.
Love conquers racism, conquers racism, conquers racism, love’s all you need.
It’s all you need. It’s all you need.

© 2017 – Kevin Levy – All Rights reserved


Currently we have Politicians in office today who don’t understand the power of the LGBTQ community and how their movement is mighty and that it will prevail.
These politicians don’t understand what Black Lives Matter really means, as if it means white lives matter a little less or it’s a leaderless movement with no agenda.
They become silent and refuse to condemn when the President spews hateful words towards Latinos that they are rapist and criminals and then children are hearing this and are afraid.
They are ignorant to the fact that refugees who are being forced to move or face possible death from war, are historically and statistically very peaceful people and a productive member to society.
These politicians will be remembered as a stain in American history and we must LOUDLY and CLEARLY call out each and every politician who holds racist views and VOTE THEM OUT!

We must support policies and politicians who lead with love and acceptance of everyone.
Over time history has shown that policies built around the love of others will always be more effective then policies built around hate, racism and discrimination. Love will always prevail because the good within the majority far outweigh the few that use hate to express their message.