Money In Politics

The only way that the rich and the powerful can control the masses is division, 
It’s their vision and their mission, united is our vote and that’s why THEY want division.
It’s Republican vs. Democrat vs. Green party after that – Liberals at Tea parties and Independents with facts.
Mixing politics with cash, there’s no apologies for that, they can deny it all they want but the corruption follows back

Spending billions on commercials and hurtful social media lies, and those who do not fact-check will always comply
Separating our collective voice – keeping us from a united vote, they divide divide divide!
Now with our votes split? it’s hopeless, 
the powerful pass laws that are about as good for the people as giving us a glass`a goat’s piss
on New Years Eve as the ball drops to toast with.
The powerful know the uneducated are the easier controlled
so they dumb down America and prevent FREE COLLEGE from taking hold 
hoping to keep you uneducated so when it’s time to fight back your spirit will fold.

But really Republicans and Democrats, all want the same things in life…. IMAGINE THAT??
To be happy and healthy in fact, with safety while on an economically prosperous track, IMAGINE THAT!!
But as long as cash flow through politics is legal, 
to buy out politicians, entire political parties and judges deceitful
this movie we call life will never have a sequel – 
the rich will keep getting richer and the poor will stay poor and it’s evil.

The politician is loyal to whoever spent millions and funded the campaign
OF COURSE it influences their policies, they’re all behind closed doors drinking champagne-
do you think they’ll vote against those same people that put all that money under their damn name??
NO!!Because if a candidate needs superPACS and Billionaires to back them
then we will know where their loyalty lies and how their policies will be enacted
Only vote for a candidate who is 100% funded by the American people, you see.
Only vote for a candidate who is 100% funded by the American people for that is where their loyalty will be.

So, who owns Congress?

Dirty Oil companies drilling and killing the earth and it’s tectonic plates, Pharmaceutical greed skyrockets the price of your fate. 
$600 for their medicine that only costs $2 dollars to make.
 Bank CEO’s who might as well wear masks, carry guns and force people on the floor just to get paid.
A Health Insurance industry who’s funds come from customers not patients, they conspire with doctors to hide cures that they make.
The Gun industry’s main goal is to make billions in profits – and common sense gun laws are bad for profit.
No one is ever gonna take your guns away. That’s just a corrupted politicians manipulation of your brain.  Keep your damn guns and go out and play.
Senator, voting NO on common sense gun laws means you’re a piece of shit….and the shit needs to be thrown away.
The military has an industry that makes guns and planes. And guess what? they profit from war, what a charade. The biggest evil in life is when your congressman votes YES for war…just to get paid.
Billionaires and corporate spokesman, they’re relentless, pretend they’re mending fences 
take advantage of the poor, economic robbery, sell deadly products without any consequences
Polluting our water with toxins…….  then sit back and laugh knowing there’s no one there to stop them.
Mega-corporations and multi-Billionaires pick and choose who they support and they pay,
spending millions and millions on certain politicians to get them elected so they can force’em to say,
whatever they please, pass laws in their favor, regardless if the majority of us don’t want it that way.
It’s a disgrace.

Most corporations are ethical and honest, I won’t lie, but it only takes a few rotten apples to spoil the entire American pie.
Most Millionaires are ethical and honest, I won’t lie, but it only takes a few rotten apples in the kitchen to BURN the entire American pie.
And that’s exactly why we must fight, 
with every ounce of blood, sweat and tears that I’ve cried.
To get money OUT OF POLITICS!! — and let the rotten apples meet the ethical side of a knife!

 If your senator will not forcefully vote, to end all the money that flows in politics and political advertisements you know –
then that senator has been BOUGHT, corrupted and taught, they will never vote in YOUR best interest contrary to what you thought.
That same senator will have no choice but to lie in their verbiage, powerfully and sincerely, deny that their political party has been purchased.
That would immediately end their political career. 
They will NEVER acknowledge these FACTS when speaking to their peers.

A YES or NO vote to end money’s control over politics is our pitch.
It’s all the proof we need to see if they’re a puppet to the rich.
No excuse you can say will make me believe,
and your refusal to vote is a confession, you see, that you’re a corrupted politician, and that’s enough for me.
A YES or NO vote to end money’s control over politics is our pitch.
 It’s all the proof we need to see if they’re a puppet to the rich.
And just remember, its OUR vote that will help to decide….if a politician who has been bought will get another try.
So Force them to a public vote! Force them to a public vote – Yes or No!
Force them to a vote.  Force them to a vote. Yes or No!
The proof will come to light you see ………
Because Senator, you can lie to yourself but you cannot lie to me.

– Written by Kevin Levy
© – Kevin Levy – All Rights reserved

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We understand that some politicians need to fundraise and it is very true that there are honest and non-corrupt politicians who are not influenced by money. Cheers to you!! But the importance of campaign finance reform and the money that so easily flows throughout politics, and the corruption that follows needs to be addressed as if it were cancer, because like cancer it is spreading and killing.

We must end Super-PAC’s because they are not held accountable and are legally allowed to lie on TV and social media. We must end the corruption of Citizen’s United and end lobbyist influence in Politics.
Read up on Buckley vs Valeo. Can you imagine allowing secret money with hidden motives in politics. This is meant to get certain politicians elected only to make sure those secret motives become legal once those politicians get elected…disgusting!

Lying specifically in political advertisements needs to become a punishable crime. Blatant lies meant to prop up one candidate or smear another candidate is the scum of all politics. We need to create a more fair election cycle and offer more then just a 2-party system. Americans should only vote for candidates that follow these guidelines for fair elections.

Watch this video to see why and how corruption is legal in politics. Watch this video to see how we can fix the corruption in politics.

You must confront your congressman and DEMAND that they vote in favor of the American Anti-Corruption Act. If they vote NO or a refusal to vote on the issue, that is their confession that they are a corrupt politician. Pathetic excuses will not work.