Ohhhhh, ohhhh You got elected with legal thievery. Manipulating district boundaries. We never wanted your policies, but you’re forcing us to drink your disease.

Journalists and media, You need to call them out as a failed politician- Cracking and packing They only got elected because of Gerrymandering. Gerrymandering. Gerrymandering. Political thievery for losers.

Hey Congressman. What? Try to get elected in my district. YA, easy! No, I mean without gerrymandering. Ohhhh! Ya, I didn’t think so. They Manipulated the districts! They Manipulated the boundaries! They Manipulated the votes! By not allowing the voters to choose them- but instead – they chose the voters. Let us repeat that… They’re not allowing the voters to choose them- but instead – he chooses the voters. That’s so shady. That’s so slimy. That’s discrimination. That’s just Bull-shit!

People in these districts please, you must confront your representative and ask them, do you think that you can get – elected by the people without your Gerrymandering. Gerrymandering. Gerrymandering. Political thievery for losers. Political thievery for losers.

– Written by Kevin Levy in protest to shady politicians rigging the system.

Protected under Copyright Law © 2017 – Kevin Levy – All Rights reserved

Arrangement by Jonathan Gibson
Animation by Marko Milutinovic




If you live in a district where your House of Representative is in office only because of gerrymandered boundaries…that is the definition of a loser politician with failed ideas.

Gerrymandering is so bad that we can have a congress with UNDER a 12% approval rating and yet OVER a 90% re-election rate…thanks in part to gerrymandering.

Certain destructive politicians and state legislatures have rigged the system so bad that it is nearly impossible to get them out of office.

Not sure what Gerrymandering is? Searching for Gerrymandering Definition ? Read HERE.

This practice can easily turn a progressive city into a right-wing voting district (or vica-versa) simply by splitting their vote and turning a unified city un-unified. Scary.

Demand that your reps and state legislators vote YES for establishing an Independent Redistricting Commission in order to create equal, fair and balanced voting districts.

*Do NOT accept a NO vote or a refusal to vote, for that is their confession that they can only win by manipulation…stealing an election…and that is the definition of a loser politician.

Demand a YES vote from your congressperson if you live in a gerrymandered district. (Look it up if you are unsure)

A YES vote for an Independent redistricting commission is all the people ask.